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These are short articles & videos I’ve created for a general audience. You can view them online by clicking on the titles.

Business models for new products (Book chapter / 2017)

For a new product to be successfully commercialized, it must become part of a viable business model. A business model is a set of relationships that enable an organization, or some part of an organization, to sustain itself over time. This chapter introduces the basics of a business model and explains how business models can develop over time. I focus on tangible new products, as opposed to services, software, or other intangibles. [This chapter is from this book: W.K. Durfee & P.A. Iaizzo (Eds.) 2017. Medical Device Innovation Handbook (6th ed.). Minneapolis, MN: U. of Minnesota Medical Devices Center. The entire handbook is available at this link.]

Teaching students to design and commercialize new products (Article / 2017)

Experiential learning is central to the way entrepreneurship will be taught in the future. In this article I describe an experiential new product design course we have taught at the University of Minnesota for over 20 years. The course enables engineering & MBA students to work together on real product development projects for sponsoring companies.

Innovation in K-12 education: One district’s journey (Article / 2017)

Many people wonder how U.S. public schools will meet students’ needs in a rapidly evolving society. We offer an overview of a district-wide innovation program that has succeeded in fostering employee-enabled, school-based innovation, and we offer insights that may be useful to other districts seeking to advance their own innovation programs.

How can we define innovation? (Article / 2016)

Innovation is a hot topic these days. Companies strive for it, consumers want it, and policy-makers say we need more of it. But many people still find themselves asking, “What exactly is innovation?” In this article I address three common questions about innovation: What is it? Why is it important? And how does it relate to entrepreneurship?

Interview with Jeff Freeland Nelson. (Video / 2016)

This is a 45-minute video in which I interview Jeff Freeland Nelson. Jeff is the founder and CEO of YOXO, a maker of environmentally responsible building toys that has grown rapidly in recent years. In this video Jeff shares insights on developing new products, managing a startup firm, assembling a board of advisors, and working with investors.

Interview with Linda Hall. (Video / 2015)

This is a 45-minute video in which I interview Linda Hall. Linda is best known as the former CEO of MinuteClinic, a retail healthcare business which grew rapidly under her leadership and was eventually sold to CVS. Linda has also served as a corporate executive, venture boardmember, and teacher. In this video she shares lessons from her career and reflections on venture management.

The changing world of entrepreneurial learning resources. (Article / 2015)

In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of many new resources that help people learn about whether, when and how to start a new business. These resources include books, blogs and online communities, among other things. Many of us are familiar with these resources, but we don’t often stop to think about their collective impact. In this commentary, I summarize some of those resources and consider what they mean for the future of entrepreneurial activity.

Conflict in new ventures. (Article / 2014)

Conflicts arise in any human setting, and new ventures are no exception. A puzzling thing about conflict is that it can prompt people to undermine their own interests. In a new venture setting, for example, a business with real promise can be derailed by failures of execution that stem from poorly managed conflicts. In this commentary, I review some recent research that can help entrepreneurs and others to understand and respond more effectively to the conflicts that arise in new ventures.


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